Painting like the pros, even if you arent one.

Painting. For some, it is the perfect way to renovate your rooms without going over budget. For others, it is the thing of nightmares that only gets done ahead of moving. In either case, we have compiled a few of the best tips and tricks to help you get your rooms from “why did we pick this color” to “this is so much better!”

Your Greenville painting odyssey may start with some questions. Why are you painting? If you are moving, neutral colors are preferred. These colors work well in any area and give your future buyers a blank slate to work on. If you are looking for a different feeling, finding color fads can help you bring your concepts to life. What kind of room are you painting? Smaller areas benefit from lighter colors, it makes them feel more spacious, while darker colors create drama and are great for accent walls in bigger rooms. Where are you painting? If you are painting in a well used area, an acrylic paint in an eggshell or satin finish is easy to clean and holds up to the damages of life. If you are starting from scratch with drywall, primer is a must because it fills in the pores and means fewer coats later. Updating your trim color? An oil or acrylic paint in semi-gloss gives a consistent finish with less coats.


When beginning any painting job, your walls will need to be prepped to allow for the best coverage and hassle-free clean up. Begin this by washing your walls to remove any debris. Even the smallest of particles of debris can make your paint to bunch and make unwanted texture on your walls. Next, organize the room you will be painting. Put down drop cloths, tape off any areas that will not painted, remove any and all hardware from the walls, and patch any holes. After that, you may need to prime. Primer helps get rid of darker colors, can help create a moisture barrier, and even out any little bumps. Now you are ready to begin!


We have gathered some of our popular painting hacks for you!

  • A rubber band placed on your paint can makes it easy to wipe off extra paint and makes it easier to keep the can clean.
  • Purchase a small tub of paint to check how lighting affects the paint color.
  • Placing a grocery bag in your paint tray makes a good liner.
  • Painting a ‘W’ pattern will give you the most even coverage.
  • Taking the tape off about 24 hours after painting lowers the chance of peeling paint.
  • The drier the weather, drips are much less likely and the paint will dry quicker.
  • Low VOC paint, (like the ones we carry here at Malone Home Center,) help avoid chemical leaching.
  • Better brushes = better application.
  • Got wallpaper? Fabric softener will work well to take it off (please remember you have to wash the wall afterwards.)
  • Mix the cans of paint needed for a room together in one large container, this will help ward off slight changes in color.

Or watch this video for 22 tips and tricks:

 Whether you are a painting vet, a new home owner, or someone wanting a new look, Malone Home Center wants to be your first pick for Greenville painting ideas, supplies, and how-tos.
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