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3 Pointers for Garage Door Maintenance
Learn three tips on how to sustain your garage door throughout the seasons and after certain weather elements have hit. There might be warnings of squeaking or damage, or maybe the door isn't moving so smoothly any more.
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This is the Debate: Wood Pellet or Smoker Grill?
Get cooking by comparing which grill you would want to purchase; Smoker or Pellet. There are good things and bad things about each depending on your mode of grilling. Read some things about each grill in this article and then speak to a sales associate at Malone Home Center in Greenville for help with your choice of grill.
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Is Your Grass Being Overtaken by Moss?
Green moss is a shallow-rooted organism that transmits and spreads by dispersing spores and growing root-like structures called rhizoids. The plant prefers to grow in wet and shady areas starting in early spring growing through the warm months until fall.
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Earth Day
Let us keep our earth spic and span by observing and accomplishing something on Earth Day, April 22nd! Time to save the world!
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Power Equipment Tips and Conservation
Carrying out some simple power equipment preservation now, could assisit you, the owner, because you will know that your power tool performs safely and aids in getting the work done.
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Top 10 Power Tool Safety Tips
Always use your power tools within their construction design. Always be sure to study the reference book from the producer of the tool, to ensure that you are using it precisely. Determine if you have the proper shoes, eyewear or gloves for insurance...
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Fall Grass Seeding from Malone Home Center
At Malone Home Center in Greenville we favor seeding in late summer or fall. The correct season to plant grass seed and spread fertilizer in fall months will restore the grass for a beautiful lawn in the spring and summer months.
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Learn A Little About Spray Paint
Aerosol spray paint is a astonishing product! Its so versatile and easy to use. It undoubtedly cuts spray painting time down fifty percent, especially if you are if you are working on a small DIY project. Repeatedly the head brands in spray paint are ingenious better ways to use it.
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It is Not Too Late To Install Heat Tapes Around Your Pipes:
Some not so good things that can happen during a very icy spell is having your water turn off due to your pipes freezing. This might be momentary and your pipes might defrost on its own with not much suffering. Still though if the pipes are chilled for an understandable amount of days, there is a hazard of them cracking, resulting in an expensive pipe replacement task. Plus the steady flooding that may occur wrecking many types of floors and walls. To help you and prevent frozen pipes in these...
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Well-known 10 Tips for Saving Energy and Money this Winter in Greenville
Winterizing will be of the most easiest tricks you can leverage to keep your house constant at peak efficiency. This could be often achieved by changing to ENERGY STAR windows and/or doors, changing to LED bulbs, better insulating your residence, and sealing leaks. If youre interested in getting serious about money and energy saving this winter, here are some of the best 10 picks for the most efficient ways to put more cash back into your wallet.
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Painting like the pros, even if you arent one.
Painting. For some, it is the easiest way to update your rooms without breaking the bank. For others, it is a horror story that only gets done before moving. No matter the case, we have gathered a few of the best tip and tricks to help you get your colors from why did we pick this color to this is so much better!
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Some of the best Greenville lawn and garden tips from our pros
Your garden provides the perfect scenic backdrop for get togethers throughout the summer months, until that first mosquito bite or accidental step on a prickly weed happens. No worries, we can help you prevent the never-ending itch of biting bugs and the misery of not-so-nice plants.
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