The Hardware Store Belton Calls On First

Great products. Low prices. Superior customer service. That’s what Belton people count on from Malone Home Center. Why? Because that’s what we’ve been giving them from day one.

It helps, for sure, that we’re not just the usual kind of mom-and-pop hardware store. Well, okay, we do have mom’s and pop’s congenial, neighborly outlook. After all, we are your neighbors! But along with that, we’re a Belton hardware store that’s just as much a full-service building supply store, lawn and garden center, home décor store, housewares retailer, appliance store, automotive store, and some other things as well, all rolled into one!

If there’s anything that unifies our diversified products and services under the “Belton hardware store” banner, it’s this: everything we merchandise is geared to helping you with your residential or commercial improvement jobs. Belton people understand that Malone Home Center people have what’s required to make all sorts of improvement, renovation, or new construction projects turn out right. And what’s required are such products as ...

Our products and marketing wouldn’t be esteemed anywhere near as much, nonetheless, if we didn’t also offer personalized customer service. Everyone on the Malone Home Center team is committed to helping you succeed with your jobs, whether it be to help you in selecting the proper product for the job, educate you on how to use a certain product, or offer specialized consultation. Our people are authoritative, too, well trained and with the experience to insure that their help is genuinely helpful. Don’t let their expertise intimidate you, though. You’ll see that they’re easy to talk with, whatever your skill level: they’re just as conversant with the needs of do-it-yourself beginners as they are with those of professional contractors.

Then there’s our pricing. You’ll be hard-pressed to locate another Belton hardware store with prices as affordable as ours. You’ll also like that we habitually have sales and special promotional discounts in every department. Helping you save money is just as much a concern of ours as stocking the best products for the project at hand.

Come see for yourself why Malone Home Center is the Belton hardware store so many call on first. We think we’ll become your first choice too.

Our Locations
Malone Home Center
M-F 7am-5pm, Sat 7:30am-1pm, Sun Closed
204 W. Depot St.Greenville, IN 42345
(270) 338-3252